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Q1: How to use the external MIC VOX?
Q:As you know that on the regular accessory, the Mic audio loop is closed ONLY when the PTT is pressed, so, for VOX options, a SPECIAL accessory is required, when the Audio can reach the radio without pressing any button. Do you know what special accessory is required for the VOX option of the radio?
A:Our two-hole DMR portable radios could use the same audio accessory as MOTO’s. For VOX earpiece,you could choose those earpieces with a (PTT/VOX) switch beside the PTT Key. Please refer to the following two pictures. To invoke a VOX earpiece, you should put the switch on the VOX side(it will be equivalent you press the PTT key all the time), and then connect it with the radio, and then power on the radio. In other words, when the radio power on, if it found an earpiece inserted with external PTT pressed, it will regard the earpiece is a VOX earpiece.
Q2: Add Null or the Same Channel to A Zone
Q:We have a few customers who use conventional analog radios and they only use a few channels. However, to ensure that the radio channel is not changed by accident they apply the channels to different channel selector positions, e.g. channel position 1 and channel position 16 only (or some other location, out of sequence). Is it possible to assign a channel location as blank/null in the zone? e.g. 1 = Channel 1, 2 = Null, 3 = Null, 4 = Channel 2 etc.
Add the facility for the same channel to be added multiple times into a zone. E.g. there are three channels, A, B, C. The zone is configured A,B,C,A,B,C,A,B,C etc. This is a very simple example. I know that it's possible to copy a channel, but you cannot use the same channel name etc.
A:Check “Allow adding the same channel to zone members” and then add it.
Q3: Digital/Analog Monitor
A:The monitor function could be used both on analog channel and digital channel.
1)In an analog channel, it could bypass the signaling(2 tone/ CTCSS, but neede carrier) or bypass all.
2)In a talkaround digital channel, it could hear the digital voice transmitted or nothing when no digital talk on the channel. It will show the CC/Talk group ID if had screen.
3)In a Slot x(0,1) digital channel (repeater mode), it could hear the digital voice in the corresponding slot or not. We will add to hear the digital voice in either slot in the future.
This feature is useful to find the CC/Talk group ID used.
Q4: No Power On Message Display
A: You could config the power on message of the two lines of the LCD. To turn on/off it is controlled by your radio itself.
Please confirm whether you have turned off this feature. You could check by operating the menu:
Utilities => Radio Settings => Intro Screen => Turn On
Q5: Write New Channel Voice Data
You could click ‘Tools’ => ‘Load Fixed Voice Data’ , and then load your own *.fv, and then press ‘OK’ to download the new fixed prompt voice onto your radio, including channel number, battery level etc.

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