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DR7500 adopts the latest digital technologies, which results in a high quality product which is easy to use and very cost effective.
Key Feature
 ·IP67 DMR Radio
 ·64 Channels,2 Zones,16 Channels per zone
 ·One Chanel Dual Modes
 ·Voice Text Message
 ·Recording & Play back

·IP67 & Meeting with MIL810F

IP67 & MIL810F compliant allows the radio to be used in the harsh environment .

·One Channel Dual Modes (One channel supports Digital + Analog)

The radio can receive digital or analog signal in a same channel automatically, and revert to talk in the same digital or analog mode. This feature enables a mixed application among digital groups and analog groups, ensuring a smooth analog-to-digital transition.

·Wide Band Frequencies

136 ~ 174 VHF Band, 400-527 UHF Band

·Voice Text Message

The radio can send a voice message to others as a notice, a memo, a message, etc.


The radio can choose Bluetooth to use Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth PTT, or even use Bluetooth programming.


The radio can choose GPS, it can report its GPS and other information by preset periodic time, by distance changed, by manual, by inquiry etc. CS720 can save its GPS information for later reading by CPS too.


The radio can choose vibration motor to remind the user silently.


The radio can choose Man-down sensor to protect the end user.


General Specifications


 Power Supply

 7.5V DC ±20%

 Frequencies - Full Bandsplit


 Number of Channels

 64 Channels

 Maximum number of Zones

 2 Zones

 Maximum number of Channels Per Zone


 Channel Spacing


 Operating Temperature

 -30℃~ + 60℃

 Dimensions:H x W x D(mm)

 With Standard Li-ion battery (2000mAh)

 130.5 X 56 X 36

 Weight: (g)

 With Standard Li-ion battery


 Average Battery Life 5/5/90 Cycle:

 With Standard Li-ion battery

 16h Digital Mode/12h Analog Mode


 Transmitter Specifications


 Frequency Stability(-30℃ to 60℃, 25℃ Ref)

 1.0 ppm

 Power Output


 Modulation Limiting


 FM Hum & Noise


 Conducted/Radiated Emission

 -36dBm < 1GHz, -30dBm > 1GHz

 Adjacent Channel Power


 FM Modulation Mode


 4FSK Digital Mode

 12.5KHz(data only):7K60FXD


4FSK Modulation Accuracy

 5%@25℃,  10%@extreme temperature

 Nonactive Slot Power


 Audio Response (300-3000Hz)

 +1 ~ -3 dB

 Digital Protocol

 ETSI TS 102 361-1,-2,-3

 Audio Distortion

 < 3%



 Ext. Microphone Connector

 Compatible with MOTO XPR7550


 Receiver Specifications


 Analog Sensitivity

 .35μV/-116dBm(20 dB SINAD)

 .22μV/-120dBm(12 dB SINAD)

 Digital Sensitivity

 .22μV /-120dBm (BER 5%)

 .25μV /-118dBm (BER 1%)


 TIA603 70 dB; ETSI 65dB

 Adjacent Channel Selectivity

 TIA603C 65dB; TESI:60dB

 Spurious Rejection

 TIA603C:75dB; ETSI:70dB


 84 dB

 Rated Audio/Maximum Audio

 750 mW / 1000 mW

 Audio Distortion @ Rated Audio


 Audio Response (300-3000Hz)

 +1 ~ -3 dB

 Conducted Spurious Emission

 -57 dBm<1 GHz, -47 dBm>1GHz   ETS 300 086

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