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DR6000 adopts the latest digital technologies, which results in a high quality product which is easy to use and very cost effective.

Key Feature:

 · Dual Modes(Digital + Analog)

 · Superior Digital Voice

 · Versatile Calls and Data Service

 · Full analog signaling

 · Software Upgradable

 · IP65 & MIL810F Compliant

 · Customizing

  ·Customized Channel Annunciation

  ·Digital Monitor

  ·Per Channel ID

  ·Group Call Alert

  ·TX Contact not Include

  ·Same ID Decode

  ·Internal/External Mic Gain


 · 32 Channels

 · 2 Zones

 · Man-Down Option

 · Lone Worker

 · Digital/Analog Emergency

     Support 32 Digital Emergency Systems and 4 Analog Emergency Systems.

 · Digital Encryption

     Support 16-bit basic encryption and 72-bit enhanced encryption.

 ·Voice Auto Record

     Support automatic record after receiving a 2-tone or 5-tone signaling. Four voice 15-second records standard.

Other Features

 · CTCSS/DCS Encode & Decode

 · DTMF/MDC1200/2Tone/5Tone Encode & Decode

 · One Touch/Quick Menu

 · Dual priority Scan

 · VOX

 · Kill/Revive

 · Power Up Zone/Home Zone

 · Power On / Write/Read / Configuration File Password

 · Contact/Channel Import & Export


General Specifications


 Power Supply

 7.5V DC ±20%

 Frequencies - Full Bandsplit


 Number of Channels

 32 Channels

 Maximum number of Zones

 2 Zones

 Maximum number of Channels Per Zone


 Channel Spacing


 Operating Temperature

 -30℃~ + 60℃

 Dimensions:H x W x D(mm)

 With Standard Li-ion battery (1700mAh)

 113.5 X 54 X 34.5

 Weight: (g)

 With Standard Li-ion battery


 Average Battery Life 5/5/90 Cycle:

 With Standard Li-ion battery

 14h Digital Mode/11h Analog Mode


 Transmitter Specifications


 Frequency Stability(-30℃ to 60℃, 25℃ Ref)

 1.0 ppm

 Power Output


 Modulation Limiting


 FM Hum & Noise


 Conducted/Radiated Emission

 -36dBm < 1GHz, -30dBm > 1GHz

 Adjacent Channel Power


 FM Modulation Mode


 4FSK Digital Mode

 12.5KHz(data only):7K60FXD


4FSK Modulation Accuracy

 5%@25℃,  10%@extreme temperature

 Nonactive Slot Power


 Audio Response (300-3000Hz)

 +1 ~ -3 dB

 Digital Protocol

 ETSI TS 102 361-1,-2,-3

 Audio Distortion

 < 3%



 Ext. Microphone Connector

 Compatible with MOTO 2-pin


 Receiver Specifications


 Analog Sensitivity

 .35μV/-116dBm(20 dB SINAD)

 .22μV/-120dBm(12 dB SINAD)

 Digital Sensitivity

 .3μV /-117.4dBm (BER 5%)

 .7μV /-110dBm (BER 1%)


 TIA603 70 dB; ETSI 65dB

 Adjacent Channel Selectivity

 TIA603C 65dB; TESI:60dB

 Spurious Rejection

 TIA603C:75dB; ETSI:70dB


 84 dB

 Rated Audio/Maximum Audio

 750 mW / 1000 mW

 Audio Distortion @ Rated Audio


 Audio Response (300-3000Hz)

 +1 ~ -3 dB

 Conducted Spurious Emission

 -57 dBm<1 GHz, -47 dBm>1GHz   ETS 300 086

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