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  • Shelf time: 2016-11-25
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The CU450 is a rugged portable that meets IP-65 Standards for water resistance and dust protection. Signaling includes CTCSS/DCS encode and decode, 2Tone/5Tone/DTMF/MDC1200 encode, PTT ID and emergency. It was designed with some unique features like CTCSS/DCS Scan and Special Emergency mode that will clearly separate it from its closest competitors.
Key Feature:
· IP65 & MIL810F Compliant
· Wide Band Frequencies: 400-470MHz
· CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode/Search
· 2Tone/5Tone/DTMF/MDC1200 Encode
· 2Tone/5Tone Decode Option
· Voice Annunciation (or Customization)
· Emergency
· 1300mAh(Standard)/1700mAh(Optional) Li-ion Battery
· Software Upgradable

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